from the Vasilitsa mountain straight to your table
a P.D.O. product (Protected Designation of Origin)


our products are made exclusively
in Greece from pure Greek materials


our village, located at the base of Vassilitsa mountain peak,
the area where our first veldts were

The products of the company Vassilitsa - G. & A. NOUSIAS G.P are manufactured with traditional methods and hi-tech machinery without the use of chemicals or other additives apart from rennet for the thickening of milk.

Thus, thanks to its high quality, excellent taste and traditional making, our products have gained the consumers' preference both in the local and the European market. The company's main product is the traditional feta cheese (Protected Designation of Origin - PDO), manouri, a kind of soft cheese and casseri, a type of hard cheese (Protected Designation of Origin - PDO).

Recipes that we discovered with love for yous
based on Vasilitsa products.

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